Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm Back!!!

A lot has changed for me and my family since my last post. For instance ,we no longer live and pastor in Georgia. This past summer we moved to Jacksonville Florida to pastor our new church Faith Temple Assembly of God. Our transition to FL has been amazing! Although we terribly miss our friends and family in Georgia we are loving our new city and our new church!!! So now that we have settled into our new life in Florida I was thinking it was time to start blogging again.

Just so you know what to expect on my blog. I'll be writing about all kinds of stuff, being a husband, a daddy, and a Pastor, ministry, movies, sports, leadership, church, Jacksonville, my dreams and goals, hobbies, the beach, books, food, and every once in a while I'll repost others leadership articles or blog posts.  

So hope you enjoy my random rants and thoughts as I live in the moment here in Jax FL!


Lamar said...

I can't wait to read them

Lamar said...
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